Frank's Awards

Year    Shoot                                                 Event                                    Type

1970    CSTA Colorado State Shoot             Handicap Championship        Out of State Champion

1971    ATA Southwestern Zone Shoot         Doubles                                 Champion

1974    ATA Grand American                       Winning Team                  

1975    Kinsley Grand                                   500 Doubles Marathon          Class A 

1975     KTA Southern Zone                         High Over All                        Out of Zone

1979     ATA Kansas State Shoot                 Singles                                   Class A

1979     ATA New Mexico State Shoot        Open Doubles                        Champion

1979     KTA Kansas State Shoot                Singles                                    Class A

1980    Kinsley Grand                                  500 Doubles Marathon           Class A

1981    KTA Summer Handicap                   Doubles                                 Class B

1982    KTA Kansas State Shoot                 Doubles                                 Class A

1982    NTA Nebraska State Shoot            Singles                                    Out of State Class AA

1983    KTA Kansas State Shoot                High Over All                         Class A

1983    KTA Kansas State Shoot                Handicap                               Zone Champion

1983    KTA Kansas State Shoot                High Over All                        Class A

1983    KTA Kansas State Shoot                Prelim Doubles                      Class B

1984    KTA Kansas State Shoot                High Over All                        Class B

1985    KTA Western Zone                        Doubles                                 Champion

1985    NTA Nebraska State Shoot            Doubles Open                       Class A

1987    KTA Kansas State Shoot                Doubles                                Runner-up

1991    Kinsley Grand                                500 Doubles Marathon          Class A

1993     G.D. Leslie Memorial                                                                  Long Yardage Champion

1993    NTA Nebraska State Shoot            Hoppe Doubles                     Out of State Class A


1970    3rd High Handicap Average in Nation

1972    KTA Mens State Team

1973    KTA Mens State Team

1975    STA Fall Handicap                        Doubles                                  Class A

1998    Inducted into KTA Hall of Fame